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Hindrigo "Kiko" Lorran

The Kiko is a breed of meat goat from New Zealand. The breeding aims were hardiness, fast growth, parasite resistance, and survivability with little input from the producer. The Kiko breed continues to grow in popularity particularly in the warm, wet US southern states where drug-resistant parasites have wreaked havoc on southern herds.

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The Kiko breed, coming from a dairy background, is also proving valuable to southern dairy herds in providing parasite resistant dual-purpose dairy and meat offspring. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Accessed November International Kiko Goat Association. Archived 13 February American Veterinary Association.

Retrieved 4 February Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from November Use list-defined references from November Articles with 'species' microformats All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Goat Capra aegagrus hircus. This article about an even-toed ungulate is a stub.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Translation : spirit fox Alternate names : senko wizard fox Habitat : usually found near Inari shrines Diet : none; they no longer need food. Appearance : Kiko are zenko—good kitsune—who serve the kami Inari. In general, kiko are between five hundred and one thousand years of age.

They can have as many as nine tails, depending on their age. Most kiko are white-furred foxes byakkoblack kokukogold kinkoand silver-furred ginko kiko also exist. They are spiritual beings without true physical bodies, and can take many different forms.

Occasionally they appear in human form usually beautiful women. Behavior : When a kitsune gains the rank of kiko, it sheds its body and begins to live a spiritual existence. While they are not particularly high-ranking, they do rank above the foolish wild kitsune also known as nogitsune or yako.

Their magical skills are much greater than those of nogitsune as well. Interactions : While nogitsune are known for taking human form in order to drain the life force of humans, kiko often take human form to help people.

One of the most well known examples of such a kitsune is Kuzunoha, the mother of Abe no Seimei.Kiko is a blue and white rabbit with large dark brown eyes. He has a patch of white hair at the top of his head and on his chest.

During Season 4his blue fur becomes much brighter and his eye color becomes a lighter shade of brown. With Season 8his fur is no longer a brighter blue color and returned to its original shade. Kiko's face is a bit more rounder and his cheeks are a lot fluffier. His rabbit teeth is much more pronounced and he now has fluffier bosom.

This section lacks information. You can help Winx Club Wiki by expanding it. First version Second version Second version Back. In Season 6, Kiko wears a light gray vest with black buttons and a black bottom border.

Over his vest, he is wearing a gray coat with a long tail and a tie of the same color. In Season 7, he wears a light yellow shirt with a small red tie, a light maroon vest and a black coat with a long tail.

He wears a suit formed by a silver top with a tile pattern with black edges, a tuft of hair on his chest is over the top. And is wearing short green gloves with black wrists and a green two-layered ruffled skirt.

Always hungry, perceptive, protective, and caring, Kiko has shown many times how he worries about and loves Bloomher family and his friends. He is also full of fears to the point of fainting when facing Knut very closely and jealousy when thinking he was not being loved enough by Bloom after Lockette came in. Sometime Kiko can be naughty, nasty and selfish.


But he manages to overcome his bad sides especially when friends are in danger or he finds himself in a better situation. He is very clumsy often tripping, falling or even getting hurt by someone else. He can be possessive but helpful at the same time.

Kiko is willing to comfort others when they are down, such as making Flora feel wanted when she felt lonely in comparison to her friends who had love interests. He even tried his best to act silly to comfort an upset Stella who was crying over her parents' fighting. Though it did not work out very well. The times when Bloom had made decisions out of fear and insecurities, although understanding, Kiko honestly tells her he disagrees when asked.

This includes when she is acting irrational and tries to reason with her such as when she was distressed over Sky and Diaspro. When Kiko dislikes someone he does not hesitate to show it; like blowing a raspberry at Mitzi when she insulted Bloom.

He then heads out with Bloom as she rides her new bike out in the streets.


They reach the park and he wonders off for a bit. He then witnesses a battle between Knut and Stella causing him to frantically run back to Bloom and notifying her about it. He returns to the scene with her and is scared to unconsciousness by one of Knut's ghouls. After Stella drives Knut and his entourage away, she faints from exhaustion.

He returns home with his owner and new friend in tow. While Stella and Bloom get acquainted with each other, he is downstairs with Mike and Vanessa.

While he is hopping around the kitchen he sees Knut again and quickly goes to warn the two adults. As the two were busy discussing about Bloom's heritage they disregarded his distress.In the past her height was 4' 6" cm while Tomoko was in middle school. However, in the present when she arrives to visit her cousins; she tells her aunt that she grew 4 centimeters making her stand at 4' 8" cm. She is in her final year of middle school as Tomoko is in her final year in high school.

Kiko begins as the year-old cousin of Tomoko and Tomoki Kuroki. She first appears in the manga Chapter 14 and in the anime Episode 8 to visit the Kuroki family. Her mother appears "off screen" in the manga.

While she is first amazed with Tomoko's stories about having a boyfriend, when she finds out Tomoko has been lying to her all this time, she starts to act superior to her. Eventually, Tomoko suspects that Kii treats her like a pet dog. Chapters - affirm that she is in her final year of middle school while Tomoko is in her final year of high school, and two years have past since her first appearance.

This puts her current age between years old. It is implied that she is cheerful, since she is usually smiling. However, she is not as gullible as she once was before going into middle school, and Tomoko soon catches wind of this. Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance. Her mother only appears and is heard "off screen," such as in Chapter No indication is given as to whether or not she is Mrs.

Kuroki or Mr. Kuroki's sister. Since Mrs. Kuroki, Tomoko, and Tomoki only mention Kii, one can assume she is an only child. Nevertheless, she seems to like Tomoko, and when Mrs. Kuroki apologizes to her for her "idiot daughter," Kii's mother politely dismisses this and insists she admires how lively Tomoko is. This eventually changes as she matures and realizes that much of what Tomoko claims are exaggerations or lies. She becomes increasingly disappointed with Tomoko until she eventually just pities her and recognizes that Tomoko is just inept and desperate, and she takes it upon herself to "help" Tomoko.

During Tomoko's stay at Kii's home during the summer she tries to help improve her appearance and hopes for her to find a boyfriend at an outlet mall, without success and without Tomoko's knowledge as to why. Inwardly, Kii concludes that she has to teach Tomoko further.

In Chapter when she visits Tomoko during New Years, she indicates she has a friend who is a boy, but he is not an actual boyfriend. Kii explains that Tomoko, unlike her brother, makes her heart skip a beat. Concerned that Kii has a crush on her, Tomoko tries to divert her affections by having her play an otome game. Kii plays it straight, says she enjoys it, but she does not really develop any relationships in the game.

In yet another comic misunderstanding, Tomoko gets Kii to admit she likes animals as well, which drives Tomoko to search and find furries. Unknown to her, Kii sees her search leading both of them to believe that the other is into the fetish.

When Kii returns to the series in Chapter with a surprise visit during Tomoko's break, she notices a change in Tomoko. For her part, Tomoko really does not want to be around Kii. She knows Kii knows she has lied to her. However, Kii is surprised that Tomoko seems to have matured.

She does not make up stories to try to impress her. She has plans, and she even seems to have friends. After touring the school and meeting people Tomoko knows such as KotomiShizukuand Yoshida Kii declares that they seem to have fun around Tomoko. To Tomoko's shock and alarm, she claims that she will attend the same college Tomoko will attend.Brazilian-bred Kiko is spicing things up in the galley this season.


Always one to thrive on variety and spontaneity in his life, he finds that his current role best combines his passions for yachting and cooking. Kiko, who considers himself a "rustic chef," has worked across the globe, from Barcelona to Cape Town to the Amazon River. With over 10 years of experience traveling the world, he has mastered the art of international cuisine. Being fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English has helped him become a renowned chef and yachtie.

Seasoned in his craft, he enjoys creating a wide-range of beautiful yet flavorful dishes, from sushi and ceviche to hearty international fares. Chef Brazilian-bred Kiko is spicing things up in the galley this season.

Kiko Satozaki

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Kiko (footballer, born 1993)

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